Greece 2023 – Hydra

The village of Hydra is located about 40 miles (64 km) south of Athens on an island which is also named Hydra.  The village is about a 90 minute ferry ride from Athens.

The island has no cars, trucks, motorcycles, or scooters.


Our first day on the island, I woke up before sunrise and went out for a walk.

The Harbor Before Sunrise


A man riding his mule with his two dogs following along.


Freight comes in to the island on small boats, is unloaded on the waterfront, and is then loaded onto mules for distribution.

We stopped for a morning coffee at a cafe along the waterfront.  These three dogs were hanging out on the steps waiting.  One of the many street cats sat on the other side of the plant, ignoring them.

Three Dogs, One Cat

Two street cats stretched out in the sun

Two mules on the waterfront.

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