Backyard Visitor

Northern Pacific Rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus)

Big thanks to Contra Costa County Animal Services for removing this fella from our backyard…

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Memorial Day at the Dog Park

Andi, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Relaxes on the Bench

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Spring is the Start of the Construction Season

      • Trying to take more photos
      • Trying to take better photos
      • Trying to post more photos and updates on this blog

A couple of robins have been hanging around the front of the office. I brought my camera this morning and caught one of them gathering up nesting materials.

Too cute not to share.


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Sever Room Shadows

A ladder casts a shadow in the doorway of the new server room.

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Pismo Beach – Spring 2019

Friday Afternoon – Paso Robles

Friday afternoon we stopped at Tin City just south of Paso Robles and visited the Turtle Rock Vineyards tasting room.  Following that, we walked around the corner to BarrellHouse Brewing Company, had a couple beers on the patio, and listened to Crooked Eye Tommy, a blues band that was playing.

BarrellHouse Brewing stickers with their logo


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