Pismo Sunset

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Farmers’ Market

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Reach 100 (N390FD) at John Muir Medical Center

Crew walking back to Reach 100 after delivering a patient to John Muir Medical Center.

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Western Bluebird

Western Bluebird

A Western Bluebird enjoying the sun on the hill by the backyard.

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Yellowstone 2021

Yellowstone National Park
(Park Boundary in Green, Montana/Wyoming Border in Purple)

Bison along the Firehole River

Friday started off with clear blue skies and plenty of bison.

Bison Wading into the Firehole River

Another Bison Swimming Across the River…

… and Emerging from the Water


When the paparazzi discover your favorite lunch spot.

Bison Calf in a Meadow

Old Faithful

By mid-afternoon, the clouds had started to roll in.

Nearby geothermal pools and springs

The Belgian Pool was named for a Belgian tourist who fell into the scalding water in 1929.


Gibbon Falls

Gibbon Falls is about 20 miles north of Old Faithful.

Gibbon Falls

Bison on both sides of the road cause a traffic jam on the way to Gibbon Falls.

Mammoth Hot Springs

May 23 – We woke up on Sunday morning with a couple inches of snow on the ground and some big, fluffy flakes falling!

A bison calf grabbing a warm breakfast

A Dusting of Snow on Mount Everts


Bison grazing in the snow as we get ready to leave the park.


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